ClojureScript setup for Leiningen project with Emacs

A good development environment if fundamental to being productive. This is especially true for Lisps. A good environment can greatly speed up your development process and allow you to utilize the full power of Clojure or any other Lisp. This tutorial is focused on a ClojureScript environment for a Leiningen... [Read More]

How Lodash worked itself out of a job

I really loved lodash. It brough the joy of compact functional code to JavaScript. Especially 6 years ago when I first embraced it. It was a wonderful library. Back then, there was no ES6, no Babel, and terrible browser incompatabilities ran rampant. Lodash along with jQuery were the saving light... [Read More]

Efficient CSV imports in Rails

Rails has great capabilities for working CSV files. However, like with many things, the most obvious way is not the most efficient. We noticed this when our server had major fluctuations in memory consumption. After digging through metrics, made easy thanks to Prometheus and Grafana. We noticed that the spikes... [Read More]

Phoenix talk

I recently gave a talk, at the local Fullstack Meetup, on the Phoenix Framework. Phoenix is the de facto web framework for Elixir. In this talk, I cover some of the best features of Phoenix: Erlang: The platmor which Elixir and Phoenix are build on. (albeit very brief overview of... [Read More]